4 Creative Ideas For Great Instagram Content

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4 Creative Ideas For Great Instagram Content

Having trouble choosing photos and videos for your business’ Instagram? Let us give you some expert advice on how to build a community on Instagram with great content. 

With around 1 billion users and growing, Instagram is an important platform for your company to interact with customers. But, exactly how to interact with customers on this visual platform is another matter. If you have no experience in creating photo and video content, you may have a hard time deciding what to post. 

It’s not that difficult to create a community on Instagram with the right tools, knowledge of your audience’s interests and some creative ideas. Here are some expert suggestions on what content works best on Instagram. 

Publish useful, educational content 

Avoid using Instagram as a platform just to promote your brand. Provide content that is useful for the lifestyle associated with your business. For example, if you have a restaurant, post-cooking tips and other food-related photos instead of showing your restaurant in each post. 

Show customers how your business works 

“Behind the scenes” posts are very effective. If you own a business that makes wooden furniture, publishing an image of one of your finished desks or chairs work fine. But if you publish a photo or video of how the furniture is being made, it tends to attract more interest. Be sure to tell a story when you post Instagram photos. 

Add a call to action  

Instagram is a great tool for small businesses because it allows you to access communities and audiences that may not be as visible on other social platforms and start a conversation immediately through images and videos. The most effective posts are the ones that use amazing or funny aesthetic images with a call to action in the title. They usually encourage users to use small business custom hashtags in their posts or ask them to comment in response to questions related to the post.  

Entertain your followers 

When you have gathered a devoted follower base, you can throw a contest, encouraging your followers to take part, opening the channel of communication up for a two-way dialogue. Humor can also be employed to connect with fans, but proceed with caution. Internal jokes create a sense of community and make followers feel closer to the brand. See, for example, the Instagram account of Innocent drinks, a UK brand – they use humor very effectively.