5 Link Building Strategies for 2019

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5 Link Building Strategies for 2019

Although it is almost 2020, link building is still relevant and an integral part of off-page SEO strategy for many small businesses if they want to outrank the competition and drive traffic to their website. Many Calgary companies use SEO and PPC together to get the maximum out of Digital Marketing Domain for their business success. Here are a few good strategies to build quality backlinks in 2019 and beyond.

  1. Newsjacking

Newsjacking is a unique SEO technique that has recently become one of the most popular and effective methods for sending waves of traffic to your website. This practice involves the clever integration of trending news topics within website content that may be unrelated to such issues or events. As search engines naturally index pages that are more popular, by embedding your content with these trending terms, you can increase traffic to your article. If done properly, you can use newsjacking to create public interest and promote your brand. As long as it is implemented in a way that makes sense to visitors, this SEO technique is worth considering for website traffic. For example, a post about “5 Smart Behaviors That Helped France Win the 2018 World Cup Can Help Businesses Too” published immediately after the FIFA World Cup 2018, would have gained a lot of attention and traffic because the event was still trending worldwide.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing involving endorsements and brand advocacy from people and organizations who have an expert level of knowledge and/or social influence in their respective fields. Brands can make use of influencers in their niche to build powerful backlinks. A successful influencer marketing campaign results in increased brand recognition builds authority and drives traffic to your website while connecting with potential customers.

  1. Resource Pages

Resource page link building is the method of building backlinks from pages that have curated content or lists of links to other websites. These pages are called resource pages. When someone adds your link to their resource page, which can be a blog post or a static page on their website, your link makes their page better. That is because resource pages are created to link to the great content on third party websites. Therefore, if you have a webpage that is a good fit for a resource page, you could easily gain a backlink. Getting backlinks from popular resource pages has the added advantage of quality traffic that is niche-specific as well.

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a content marketing and SEO practice where someone writes and publishes a guest post on another website or blog to promote their product or service. Guest blogging sites expose brands to new audiences in specific niches. This SEO technique is effective for backlinking as well as brand awareness. When choosing a website for guest blogging, it is important to know who their audience is to ensure there is minimal overlap with your own target audience. An author bio or a link to a landing page on your website are the best ways to link back to your website. Doing guest blogging the right way can grow site rankings and traffic rapidly.

  1. Internal Link Building

Internal links connect various pages on your website and give search engines an idea of the structure of your site as well as creates a hierarchy. A well-structured website is easily crawled by search engine bots. Internal link building also helps to establish link value for each of the webpages so that your most important pages get the best exposure on SERP. In addition to this, internal links also help visitors to navigate your website easily and spend more time on your site thereby improving session duration.