5 Tips To Improve Quality Factor of Your Google Ads Campaigns

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5 Tips To Improve Quality Factor of Your Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads market works like an auction where you are charged per click (Pay Per Click Advertising – PPC) received on your ads. But the highest bid doesn’t always win because Google not only considers the amount you’re willing to spend but also different quality factors. Here are some tips to improve the quality of your ads so that you can optimize your ads and maximize ROI.

1. Understand keyword matching options

To prevent the scenario of irrelevant ad clicks that deplete your daily budget without obtaining any quality conversions or sales, it is important to choose the right keyword matching types. There are mainly three keyword match types in Google Ads. These are:

Broad match: includes keywords we provide to Google, plus some variants such as spelling errors, synonyms, related searches, and variations. For example, for the keyword “low carb diet,” the ad could also appear with the following searches: “carbohydrate-free foods”, “low carb diets” or “low-calorie recipes.”

Phrase match: includes keywords we provide to Google and close variations of the phrase with a word before or after it. For example, for the keyword “tennis shoes,” the ad could also appear for the following searches: “compare tennis shoes,” “buy discounted tennis shoes,” “red tennis shoes.” But it would NOT appear for search term “tennis shirt laces.”

Exact match: includes the exact keyword we provide to Google and its close variants. The ad gets activated when someone searches for close variants of the keyword. For example, for the keyword “‘ men’s shoes,” the ad would appear for the following searches: “shoes men,” or “shoes for men.” But “red shoes for men,” would NOT activate the ad.

2. Create multiple versions of the same ad

Google Ads allows you to create more than one version of each ad, with different headings, descriptions, and keywords, to help decide which one works best or has the best performance. Ads with more than one version are more likely to be successful, and these options also allow you to pause ads that aren’t successful and reallocate your budget to ones that are.

3. Take advantage of ad extensions

Ad extensions are used to display additional information by expanding the text ads. In other words, they add data such as the business address, contact phone number, email, etc. One of the benefits to adding extensions is improved visibility of a brand. For example, you can add extensions pointing to your social media pages and gain followers in addition to clickthroughs on your website.

4. Monitor your campaign

Once a campaign is set up, constant monitoring is important to drive desired results. Be aware of the basic variables in the Google Ads platform to get a better idea of conversions. Knowing how your money is spent can help you to make better investments in Ads. For example, a higher clickthrough rate (CTR) means the ad is effective. If an ad has a lot of impressions and fewer clicks, it’s time to change the ad.

5. Hire a professional to manage your Google Ads

Your goal is to attract customers for your business and ensure profitability using Google Ads. It’s advisable to entrust ad management to a team of professionals who can optimize your campaigns to drive more conversions within your budget. NUUN Digital provides revenue accountable marketing packages for businesses to leverage on PPC advertising with Google Ads. Contact us for a quote.