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Can social media improve search engine optimization?

While it’s common to do search engine optimization (SEO) on our website, we often forget to include the same practices on our social media posts. And although the impact of social media posting on search engine optimization has been debated, the fact that social networks now appear on search engines is a good indication that times have changed!

Here are three quick SEO tricks that you can use on social media to improve your Google ranking.

1. Add your keywords to social media posts.

Include your keywords in the description of your social media posts as well as in any titles or within comments. Google will index these key terms as long as your post is global. Take for example SEM’s Facebook post entitled Tips and Tricks for Keyword Research in 2016  – the keyword description of their post was indexed by Google, making it easy for their customers to find them!

improve search engine optimization

2. Increase your authority and popularity by posting across platforms.

In the case of your website, internal links are used to connect various pages of the site and external links connect to other websites which makes it easy for search engine bots to crawl across various pages. The same strategy can be used with your social media posts. Include your website link on your social media page so that it can be indexed by Google.  Improve content sharing across platforms by adding social media share buttons to your webpages – this simple addition encourages customers to quickly and easily share your content. This benefits you by firstly helping search engines to associate various social media platforms with your website, and secondly serves to rank your website higher.

3.) Improve your social signals.

Like Google, Facebook’s algorithm relies heavily on relevance and trust that can be measured in the form of social signals –  for example, likes, comments and shares. More than anything else the number of interactions your post receives will affect your social media ranking. And the frequency and timing of your posts will keep them at the top of Facebook’s timline. Instagram’s algorithm on the other hand prioritizes posts based on past interactions, how recent the post is, and interests.  Even though Google does not take the number of social media shares or followers into consideration when ranking your website, these social signals help drive a lot of traffic which indirectly improves ranking.