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Strategic Planning

Campaign Development

Drive Qualified Traffic

Engage & Convert Leads

Grow Sales Pipeline

Marketing Analysis


Maximizing results, performance and reaching your goals starts with a plan and well defined KPIs.


You wouldn’t build your business without a plan, correct? The same goes for your marketing strategy. Allow Nuun to analyze your current marketing programs and create a customized and revenue and profit-centric plan to help you achieve your unique business goals.


Our revenue-accountable strategic planning service includes:


  • Profit-driven and revenue-centric plan development
  • Working-sessions for defining and setting your goals and KPI’s
  • Competitive analysis with detailed market segmentation
  • Marketing defined value proposition and brand story
  • Target audience persona definition and qualified lead identification
  • SLA between your sales & marketing resources
  • Sales cycle stage segmentation


Building the tools needed to optimize your marketing programs and put your plan into action.


It’s time to implement that plan and build the tools needed to target your goals. This includes optimizing your website for inbound (or a website redesign if required), implementing the right inbound marketing software, and performing all campaign start-up activity as we would have outlined in your digital marketing plan.


Our Campaign Development Services include:


  • Website development and customization
  • Mobile-responsive website
  • Inbound/Marketing Automation Software & Implementation
  • Inbound marketing program development, with landing pages and CTAs
  • Marketing content and video production
  • 3rd Party CMS and CRM integration
  • eCommerce marketing and integration


Attract qualified visits, boost product and brand visibility and kick-start your lead management process.


Once we optimize your website and implement your marketing automation tools, your setup to start attracting qualified traffic. We will work with you to start performing traffic generating activities, including blogging, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), visual/video content marketing and all activities as outlined in your inbound marketing plan.


Our traffic generating services include:


  • Business blogging
  • Social Media marketing, monitoring, and automated publishing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Visual and video content marketing
  • Pay Per Click marketing & advertising
  • Press release and partner marketing


Capture critical information on your visitors in order to engage and fill your sales funnel…


Now that qualified traffic is on your site we don’t let them leave without exchanging some perceived value with engagement. It’s time to engage and convert! Nuun will help implement your lead conversion activities, such as the development of attractive premium content, smart landing pages, as well as smart calls-to-action as outlined in your digital marketing plan.


Our content development and lead management services include:


  • Premium content development
  • Offers and Calls-to-action creation and development
  • Landing page design and development
  • Qualified lead and website visitor identification
  • Multi-variate, A/B testing
  • Inbound marketing automation implementation


Implement marketing automation to nurture leads through your funnel, shorten your sales cycle, and increase your sales opportunities.


Once we’ve captured qualified leads from all levels of the buying cycle, it’s critical that they are managed properly. Well executed marketing automation will simplify the process. A sales and marketing alignment strategy will ensure a more targeted approach. The result? More personalized marketing, improved communications, a shortened sales cycle, happy salespeople, and an even happier marketing manager.


Our sales and revenue-growth services include:


  • Prospect and lead tracking and intelligence
  • Lead scoring and lead quality ranking
  • Buyer and target customer segmentation
  • Email marketing software and implementation
  • Marketing automation workflow development
  • Lead nurturing campaign design and development
  • Sales and marketing alignment


Remove the guesswork and start tracking the returns on your marketing budget! Powerful analytics enable you to understand the ROI of every marketing activity.


Do you ask questions such as “Why am I blogging?” “Is this campaign really working?” or “Am I getting a return on my investment?” Through the power of inbound marketing automation tools, analytics and the detailed marketing reports provided by our account managers, you’ll know the answers to these questions and more. See and understand every metric that is critical to the success of your inbound marketing campaign.


Our marketing analysis services include:


  • Marketing KPI analysis and reporting
  • Marketing cost and lead acquisition analysis
  • ROI reporting
  • Closed-loop reporting
  • Recycled-lead tracking
  • Visitor, to lead to opportunity conversion tracking
  • Lead life-line and engagement history tracking
  • and much more…


At Nuun Digital, we understand the value in consistent communications, long-term relationships our customers can count on and that it’s all based on results!


We work hard and smart for our customers and we want you to work with us for a long time. We know that in order to maintain a long-lasting relationship, we must prove our value to you and your company every month. In order to do so, we provide a service offering built on trust and communication to ensure your campaigns are effective, efficient, and producing results. We also found customers enjoy having cost certainty every month and not having to deal with variable estimates and invoices.


Therefore, we offer retainer-based service packages, which include:


  • Dedicated Account Manager and a Digital Strategist
  • Strategic consultation and scheduled campaign reviews
  • Project management with full communication tracking, asset storage and project history you can download
  • Free full-fledge Inbound Marketing Application or Software
  • Inbound Marketing Automation software management
  • Training and knowledge transfer programs
  • Software Support
  • Mobile-responsive website development, revamp, management, hosting and updates
  • CMS and CRM integration
  • and much more…


NUUN360° knows your visitors before you do! Track visitors’ digital footprint. Drive lead-engagement with smart, automated workflows to target their interests using dynamic content via website, landing pages and targeted emails. Run lead-scoring to identify your most qualified and sales-ready leads.

Schedule a live demo of Nuun360.


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