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I dare you not to use Facebook Ads

With Snapchat, Instagram and so many other platforms out there, many marketers wonder whether they should even bother with Facebook advertising.  Well we’ve got some really good reasons why Facebook is still relevant. We dare you not to use Facebook ads after reading this article!

No other place (online, or offline) has so many potential customers.

Let’s look at the stats. 80% of all Internet users are on Facebook, with most Facebook users checking it several times a day. It’s also one of the most accessible platforms out there with 65% of adults over 65 years of age using it. That translates to a whopping 2.41 billion users on Facebook as of Q2, 2019.  With such a wide reach, there’s a very good chance that you’re customers are already using Facebook. And using it everyday.

You can easily increase your customer attribution using Facebook Ads.

Advertising on Facebook will increase your customer attribution (or the number of times your audience is exposed to your brand). The more often they see and interact with your business, the more likely they are to convert. Facebook advertising will not only increase your brand awareness, but will also drive more conversions.

You won’t find a real-time advertising platform that’s better than Facebook Ads.

Let’s face it, if you invest in radio, television, or print ads, it’s impossible to understand how well your ad is doing as quickly as you can on Facebook. And you definitely can’t change your ad on the fly using traditional media either. Facebook advertising (and Google Ads) can help you reduce your losses immediately by adjusting ad parameters.  And since Facebook advertising is in real time, you can see how your ad campaign is performing in real time and make appropriate changes.

You won’t find a more economical advertising investment than Facebook Ads.

Facebook is the most economical advertising investment any business can make today, and it gives reasonable ROI for an online advertising scheme. The benefits of advertising on Facebook are endless. You can double, triple or quadruple your sales with Facebook advertising. It’s cheaper than almost all alternative sources of advertising and you have more control over what, when and to whom your ads are shown.

You can’t find a more targeted advertising platform than Facebook.

Facebook’s targeting options are more accurate than others. You can target your ads at Facebook users based on their age, interests, behavior, location and other demographic data. If you really learn your customer behavior, you can use Facebook advertising to engage them. You can increase your touch points with your audience, raise brand awareness, and attribute to conversions in the future.

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